As part of your initial physical examination, the staff at AZZ Medical must draw blood and perform tests on the sample to help determine the exact cause of your symptoms. You may be suffering from common conditions, such as diabetes and anemia, that are preventing you from breathing correctly or sleeping well.

As such, having your blood drawn is a critical part of receiving the best treatment possible. For instance, testing the oxygen level in your blood can help the staff at AZZ Medical determine if you are suffering from the early stages of a lung condition, or if you can relieve your breathing difficulties with simple lifestyle changes.

You do not have to worry about blood draws causing serious medical complications. The tests are very low risk and are standard procedure for receiving the most accurate diagnosis possible. In fact, having your blood tested may rule out serious conditions, which can give you peace of mind.

Blood draws also are important to see how your body may react to different medications once you have received a diagnosis. If you have a fear of giving blood, you are not alone. Many people are wary of blood draws, but you should know that AZZ Medical offers a warm, caring atmosphere to put your fears to rest.