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If you have trouble breathing as the result of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), consulting with a doctor of pulmonary medicine is essential. Known as pulmonologists, these doctors also qualify as internists, doctors of internal medicine, but have received special training that focuses on lung diseases. As with all internists, a pulmonologist will be able to diagnose complex conditions.

You should also know that pulmonary medicine also encompasses the upper respiratory tract and the heart, in some instances. If you suffer from relatively minor lung conditions, such as asthma or pneumonia, consulting with a pulmonologist may be necessary to receive an accurate diagnosis to rule out serious conditions before you begin treatment.

Even if you have contracted an acute respiratory infection, you may not need to consult with a pulmonologist immediately. You may be able to receive the right care from a general internist.

More often than not, you will need to consult with a pulmonologist if you have lung diseases that can cause serious complications. If you suffer from pulmonary complications as a result of developing AIDS, for instance, you will most likely need to see a pulmonologist to determine the right course of treatment.

When you come to AZZ Medical Associates for treatment, you will be able to consult with pulmonologists as well as internists, depending on your specific medical needs. Receiving medical treatment from a pulmonologist is not necessary in all instances. If your symptoms are severe, however, a pulmonologist is indispensable in coordinating your care.

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