Coronavirus Update

What You Need to Know

As with any public health issue, AZZ Medical Associates will work with and follow all guidance and protocols issued by the CDC, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and state and local public health departments regarding COVID-19. For the latest news and guidance on the virus, please visit

We will continue to review and monitor updates from the CDC and local and global outlets and adjust our processes and websites accordingly. 

AZZ Medical Associates is dedicated to providing the best health service to patients.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows you to connect with a doctor through a secure video conference in real time. A telemedicine visit is just like a regular appointment with a doctor; only the doctor you will be seeing and speaking with is on a screen.

Just like a regular doctor’s appointment, your Telemedicine visit will be private and confidential. We take your privacy seriously, so the health care professionals involved can only see and hear your information.

At AZZ Medical Associates, you can be assured that you are always speaking to a live doctor from within our own network.

Telemedicine in Your Community

Telemedicine services are available at AZZ Medical Associates. If you require medical advice, you can access our medical providers through a telemedicine clinic.

What to Expect

Throughout your entire visit, our telemedicine assistants are present to assist you and the doctor. The doctor will ask you questions, provide a diagnosis, and issue a prescription or a laboratory requisition, if required.

The telemedicine assistant will provide you with any paperwork that you need at the completion of your visit. Should you require a follow-up appointment, simply return to the telemedicine clinic. Both the telemedicine assistant and the AZZ Medical Associates doctor will be able to access your digital medical chart and laboratory results.

Step 1


Please have your insurance card or method of payment and a list of your current medications with you.

Step 2

Please call the main office number 609-890-1050

Step 3

Present Insurance Card

You will be required to present your insurance card at every visit.

Step 4

Start Your Appointment

You will be greeted by a Telemedicine Assistant who will record your medical history, the reason for your visit, and will assist you during the entire visit.


Please ensure that your Insurance card has not expired and remember to present your card at every visit. If you do not have insurance coverage, the cost of the appointment is $80. Telemedicine visits are covered by most private benefit plans.