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Annual Wellness services

Offered in Ewing, Hamilton Township, Brick Township, Robbinsville and Matawan, NJ

Maintaining good health becomes more manageable when you take proactive measures to prevent injury and disease. At AZZ Medical Associates, they provide annual wellness visits to all patients at their conveniently located offices in Brick Township, Hamilton Township, and Ewing, New Jersey. These wellness visits allow you to address any potential risk factors for ill health and receive assistance with weight management, improving your diet, and quitting smoking.

To prioritize your well-being, contact AZZ Medical Associates today or easily schedule an annual wellness appointment online. They also offer the convenience of same-day telehealth appointments, available Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 9 pm. By taking advantage of these services, you can enhance your overall health and receive the necessary guidance for leading a healthier lifestyle.

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Annual wellness visits play a crucial role in preventive healthcare by allowing your doctor to identify potential health risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them. Additionally, these visits enable early detection of diseases when they are more manageable and treatable.

At AZZ Medical Associates, their annual wellness visits are designed to promote and maintain your overall health. The team consists of highly skilled primary care providers who specialize in internal medicine. They collaborate with you to develop a personalized care plan tailored to your specific needs. By prioritizing your well-being, their ultimate goal is to support you in leading a long and healthy life.

Make it a priority to schedule your annual wellness visit with the AZZ Medical Associates team to ensure that you receive comprehensive and individualized care that will help you maintain optimal health.

To ensure your year-round health, the AZZ Medical Associates team offers comprehensive annual wellness visits. During these visits, they carefully review your medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination. This includes assessing your weight, blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing to identify any potential abnormalities.

Your doctor also performs a detailed evaluation for any skin lesions, lumps, or infections. They assess your mobility and mental alertness as well. If you are due for screenings such as a Pap smear for cervical cancer or a prostate exam for prostate disease, your doctor can conduct these during the visit.

The team at AZZ Medical Associates goes beyond the physical examination and provides valuable guidance and counseling on various health topics, with a focus on disease prevention. This includes nutrition counseling to improve your diet, weight management services to assist with weight loss or gain, and stress management counseling to help reduce your stress levels.

Additionally, your doctor ensures that your vaccinations are up to date. This includes administering the annual flu shot and other immunizations for protection against diseases like COVID-19 and pneumonia.

During your annual wellness visit, you have the opportunity to discuss any specific concerns or questions you may have about your health with your doctor. Take advantage of this comprehensive visit to address your health needs and maintain your well-being throughout the year.

Following your examination, your doctor will discuss any additional tests or procedures they believe are necessary for your health. This may include bloodwork, laboratory tests, X-rays, or other diagnostic imaging procedures. By conducting these tests, your doctor can gather further information to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your health.

At AZZ Medical Associates, the team emphasizes integrative care that addresses all aspects of your well-being, including your body, mind, and spirit. If you are facing challenges related to anxiety, trauma, depression, or any other mental health issues, the team provides a safe and supportive environment. They are dedicated to helping you explore your emotions, acquire new behavioral skills, and make lasting changes to improve your overall health.

The AZZ Medical Associates team strongly believes in the importance of preventive care for maintaining good health. Their annual wellness visits are designed to keep you well and proactively address any potential issues in the future. To schedule your annual wellness visit, please contact your nearest office today or conveniently book an appointment online.