Selim U Sheikh


Selim U Sheikh, MD


Board Certified in Internal Medicine (Hamilton Office)

Dr. Selim U. Sheikh is a dedicated primary care physician at AZZ Medical Associates, a trusted healthcare provider with primary care offices in Brick Township and Ewing, New Jersey. Dr. Sheikh currently practices at the Hamilton Township office, delivering compassionate and comprehensive care to patients. Dr. Sheikh obtained his medical degree from the University of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He completed an internal medicine internship at the same institution, laying the foundation for his medical career. He began practicing medicine as a physician for various health departments of the governments of Bangladesh and Iran. Driven by a commitment to further his knowledge and skills, He  pursued additional education. He completed KAPLAN courses in Berkeley, California, followed by successfully passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination. Subsequently, he completed an internal medicine residency at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey. Throughout his professional journey in the United States, Dr. Sheikh has amassed extensive experience in the medical field. He served as a medical director at multiple nursing homes in New Jersey and worked as a primary care physician in private practice. Dr. Sheikh also contributed as a part-time faculty member at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey. Eventually, he established his own primary care practice in Hamilton, New Jersey. With his wealth of experience, Dr. Sheikh joins AZZ Medical Associates to provide exceptional primary care services to the patients. His dedication and expertise contribute to the delivery of comprehensive healthcare to the community.