Fouad S Albana


Fouad S Albana, MD


Board Certified Internal Medicine & Primary Care (Holmdel Office)

Introducing Dr. Fouad S. Albana, an esteemed physician specializing in Hypertension and Kidney Diseases, and a distinguished member of AZZ Medical Associates. Dr. Albana’s career is marked by a remarkable dedication to medical excellence and patient care. He has been an integral part of the healthcare landscape for decades, with certifications that reflect his expertise. Dr. Albana’s educational journey began at Al-Azhar Medical School in Cairo, Egypt, where he obtained his M.B., B.Ch. degree in September 1973. He furthered his education with a Masters Degree in Orthopedics from the same institution in November 1977. His commitment to continued learning is underscored by his certifications, including FMGEMS, American Board of Internal Medicine (Certified: 1995-2005), and American Board of Nephrology & Hypertension (Certified: 1998-2008). With an extensive experience spanning decades, Dr. Albana’s career has been characterized by excellence and dedication. His professional roles include contributions to several medical institutions, including Bayshore Community Hospital, Memorial Medical Center, Raritan Bay Medical Center, and Gambro Health Care Dialysis Facility. His expertise in Nephrology and Internal Medicine has allowed him to serve diverse patient populations with unwavering commitment.  Throughout his career, Dr. Albana has contributed significantly to the healthcare field. He has been a member of quality assurance and credential committees, exhibited his dedication to education through various conferences and training programs, and maintained affiliations with esteemed medical organizations such as the American College of Physicians and the American Society of Nephrology.  Dr. Fouad S. Albana’s achievements and contributions exemplify his commitment to patient-centered care and medical excellence. As a valued part of AZZ Medical Associates, he embodies the principles of professionalism, compassion, and expertise that define our practice.