Exploring the Extraordinary Path of Dr. Javier Taboada, MD

Dr. Javier Taboada, MD

Welcome to the world of Dr. Javier Taboada, MD, a distinguished psychiatrist and neurologist with dual board certification. Join us in exploring his rich academic background, extensive training, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier medical care.

Dr. Javier Taboada’s Academic Journey:

National University of Trujillo, Peru

Embark on Dr. Taboada’s pre-medical studies at the National University of Trujillo, Peru. Delve into his deep appreciation for higher education and the foundation that shaped his medical career.

School of Medicine, National University of Trujillo

Witness Dr. Taboada’s academic dedication as he progresses to the university’s School of Medicine, earning his esteemed medical degree. Uncover the passion that fuels his commitment to excellence.

Residency Training:

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Explore Dr. Taboada’s residency training in neurology at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Gain insights into the rigorous program that honed his skills and shaped his expertise.

University of Louisville, Kentucky

Discover the second phase of Dr. Taboada’s residency journey at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Uncover the diverse experiences that contributed to his dual board certification.

McGill University Montreal General Hospital, Canada, and Cornell University, New York

Dive into Dr. Taboada’s multifaceted training in psychology at McGill University Montreal General Hospital in Canada and Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Understand the holistic approach he brings to patient care.

Military Service and Leadership Roles:

United States Army – Chief of Neurology

Learn about Dr. Taboada’s impactful service as the chief of neurology in South Korea and South Carolina within the United States Army. Gain insights into his leadership roles and contributions to military medicine.

U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps

Explore Dr. Taboada’s dedication to the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps. Understand how his military background enriches his medical practice, ensuring patients receive unparalleled attention and expertise.

Trust in Medical Care:

Discover why patients confidently entrust their care to Dr. Taboada. Uncover the assurance of receiving the highest standard of medical attention and expertise at AZZ Medical Associates.


How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Taboada?

Visit the official AZZ Medical Associates website or call our offices in Brick Township, Hamilton Township, or Ewing, New Jersey, to schedule your appointment.

Does Dr. Taboada accept insurance?

Yes, Dr. Taboada accepts a variety of insurance plans. Contact our office to verify if your insurance is accepted.

What sets Dr. Taboada apart from other psychiatrists?

Dr. Taboada’s dual board certification in neurology and psychiatry, coupled with his military service and extensive training, sets him apart. Patients benefit from a holistic approach to care.

Can Dr. Taboada treat both neurological and psychiatric conditions?

Absolutely. Dr. Taboada’s dual board certification allows him to address a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions, ensuring comprehensive and specialized care.

Is Dr. Taboada involved in any research or academic activities?

Yes, Dr. Taboada has a rich background in academic and leadership roles. His commitment to research and academia contributes to advancements in the field.

What should I expect during my first appointment with Dr. Taboada?

During your initial appointment, Dr. Taboada will conduct a thorough evaluation, discuss your medical history, and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

A Portrait of Excellence in Medical Dedication

In conclusion, Dr. Javier Taboada, MD, stands as a beacon of excellence in the medical field. His journey, education, military service, and commitment to patient care paint a portrait of a physician dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those he serves.

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